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Although we want to cook fresh food sometimes we don’t have the time. Other times, we just have a craving for Fast Food. We wonder why Fast Food cannot be fresh, healthy and tasty in the same time?  Why can’t a fast-food kind of a place also be a family sit-down restaurant too? That’s why we created PikaKlara; A Fast, Casual, Urban Food concept.

Our inspiration came from the urban hot spots all over the world, from Los Angeles, Berlin to Germany with the best ideas and recipes.

All our products are selected fresh from carefully chosen suppliers. If you are ever curious about the origin of the ingredients, our cooking techniques or how we make the PikaKlara recipes feel free to ask us. We are always willing and open to tell you the whole process.

In our case, Fast Food means you will get the food but without compromising freshness, nutrition and a wholesome taste. Here you can find hand-cut fries, healthy salads, fresh juices and the specialty of the house: Marinated Pulled Pork slow-cooked for 12 hours.

Our experienced chefs use the finest and freshest ingredients available in Bucharest. As a result, you will enjoy a delicious meal, and excellent service. The atmosphere at PikaKlara is always relaxing and you can enjoy both delicious meals or an ice-cold beer indoors or at our curbside terrace.

Thank you for making PikaKlara the # 1 ranked TripAdvisor restaurant in the Street Food category. We are looking forward making a hearty portion of ribs, Pulled Pork burgers, fresh Halloumi cheese sandwiches, homemade spicy sauces and our famous Panzerotti – a Pizza on a stick – a favorite for kids!

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