Bitcoin Restaurant Bucharest

Bitcoin payment Bucharest

Bitcoin-Friendly Restaurant in Bucharest

If you are in Bucharest and love cryptocurrency like we do, you have an additional reason to visit PikaKlara beside our amazing food and vibe. We’re happy to announce our partnership with Mobilpay, a Romanian payment processor.
This allows PikeKlara to legally and instantly accept Bitcoin as payment for your bill. Requests to pay with Bitcoin in our restaurant increased with the Bucharest Crypto Meetup group, hosted by John Carvalho CCO Bitrefill. Up to 25 people attend this bi-weekly meetup to discuss current events in Bitcoin and learn about the cryptocurrency industry.


Legal Bitcoin Acceptance

When we first researched how to accept Bitcoin directly, we learned it was not easy to accept Bitcoin in a compliant way without a complicated setup for selling and managing Bitcoin amounts and accounting. Romanian law states that a restaurant is only allowed to accept RON. We could have accepted Bitcoin without a payment processor, but network confirmation delays would have resulted in an inconvenient customer experience and overly complicate our accounting needs for invoicing and accounting. Having a restaurant involves a lot of regulations, so the last thing we wanted to deal with is money that is currently in a grey regulatory area. So we decided to work with Felix Crisan, a frequent attendee of the Bucharest Crypto Meetup, and CEO of Mobilpay.


Solution for Crypto Payments

The solution was brought to us at the end of 2018 and implemented in early January 2019. We are excited to allow guests to pay safely with Bitcoin and participate in a new financial revolution. The Mobilpay POS system solves all of our problems, making everything easy for us a business. Everything runs over one mobile app on our smartphones. Eeach client that wants to pay with Bitcoin can request this payment method when asking for their bill. We enter the amount in RON into the app, a secured connection to the server is established, a QR code appears for the customer to scan and pay to. Within 5 seconds the transaction is done! It does not matter if you have only a coffee or invite 20 friends for a feast of pulled pork, burgers and beer, the ability to pay with Bitcoin is here!

We welcome you to try it soon and wait for you in Candiano Popescu 1 in Bucharest.

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