Lunch in Aurel Vlaicu area

Food Truck Bucharest

Lunch in Aurel Vlaicu area

Lunch in the North of Bucharest was never more tasty. You have now a new alternative to enjoy amazing food if you work close to the Promenada Mall. PikaKlara, Bucharests number 1 Street Food concept based on Tripadvisor, just moved our four Foodtruck in this area. You can find us on the Parking space of Chaboo, across from the Caro Hotel area. Should be only a few minutes by walk for you. We have an outside sitting area and we play all day long Oldschool music to give you the best lunch break you can find in this area.


Foodtruck in the north

The PikaKlara Foodtruck provides you the best Street Food specials. What about a Burger for lunch? We have a wide selection of different Burgers with Pulled Pork, Entrecote Beef and Halloumi. Or enjoy the legendary KApsalon. A speciality of us. French fries are topped with tender Pulled Pork, Melted Cheese, Rucola and Garlic Sauce. All served in one pot. Incredible taste. Who ever tried it returned for more. For a quick bite we also offer Wraps. Very light is here the grilled Halloumi variation. Other Light foods you find at our Foodtruck are different fresh made salads.


PikaKlara the foodtruck near you

The exact address is Strada Barbu Văcărescu nr. 277, București. Here you have a link to Google Maps for an easier find of our Eatery. If you see the entrance for the parking, simply go down the small street and you find us. Alternative you can also simply follow the good smell.

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