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Street Food events in Bucharest Bucharest is a great site to use when you visit a town. No matter if you are in Bucharest as an expat, local or tourist. It will help you to find events that really matter for you. From now on you find also PikaKlara and all our Bucharest events there. We discovered this lovely tool very recently over the organiser of the Weekly Crypto Currency meetup. This event happens every Wednesday at PikaKlara. We realised that we had visitors from all over Bucharest, Romania and every week also some people that are only for a small visit in town. On the other hand we had in the meantime already an average of 2 events in our Eatery. So far we promoted this events mostly over the Bucharest Event section of Facebook. Being listed on is a great tool to introduce our events to new people.

Street Food Events in Bucharest

Our Meetup group is Called PikaKlara Street Food events. You find here all events and specials we prepare for you to give you an unique Street Food experience in Bucharest. International Burgerday, Expats Meetup, Wine Tasting, Cocktail Night, Popup concepts. We have depending of the event, up to 30% of our new guests on events coming already from If you are new in town, here for a few days or you are a Bucharest local since you are born, in our group you will find great events and specials.

How to Meetup in Bucharest

When you enter you see directly the Startpage of Bucharest. An event Calendar makes it very easy for you to navigate through the website. You find the events that really matter in the capital city of Bucharest at the days you have no plans. You have also a very good overview about the events that are happening today in the center. Perfect to find something spontaneous. If you find something that you like, simply click on it and it opens the event with all informations. Its highly recommended to click on attend to make it for the organiser better planable. If you like a group, and we hope you do that with PikaKlara. Please join the group, from this moment on you will get all updates about events in that group. We hope you find a lot of great events in Bucharest.

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