Nr. 1 on Tripadvisor Streetfood


PikaKlara is Nr. 1 on Tripadvisor for Streetfood in Bucharest

Nowadays, online ratings are more important then ever. Especially if you visit Bucharest for the first time and you have no recommandations, its easy to rely on Tripadvisor and other Rating portals.
PikaKlara defines itself on Tripadivsor in the categories Fast Food, International and Street Food.

Fast Food because PikaKlara is perfect to grab quickly a Burger or Wrap and enjoy it in the park next door or our Terrace combined with very fair prices. After only 2 month on the Market in this high competitive market we already achieved to reach Nr. 4 in the ranking beating all big international chains and some companies that are since decades on the market in Bucharest.

International because we offer Street Food specialities from all over the world: Pulled Pork that has its origin in North America, Panzerotti from Italy (with the twist to put it on a stick), Haloumi from Cyprus, Asian Peanut salad that is inspired by the Papaya Salads of Thailand and of course our Signature dish Kapsalon from the Netherlands

Street Food is the main concept of PikaKlara and we are more then happy about the 100s of guests that left our space satisfied and pushed us to Nr. 1 on Tripadvisor in Bucharest in this categorie.

We analysed all the ratings: The most compliments we got for the pulled pork dishes in all variation, followed by the ribs, sauce seletion and the staff working at PikaKlara. Also the free Orange Juice that we give on the house was a factor for some guests. I hope we can welcome in the future also more vegetarians at PikaKlara, in the meantime we offer all our dishes with Haloumi instead of Pulled Pork.

So a big thank you to all the PikaKlara clients that supported us.

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