NWRadu Blog visits PikaKlara

Bucharest Blogger NWRadu writes about PikaKlara

We had recently visit from NWRadu, one of the most established bloggers in Bucharest. He was the first blogger that we found on our research about Pulled Pork in Bucharest. The funny part that we invited him over to write about the PikaKlara Pulled Pork as well, but sometimes the life has interesting coincidents. He visited us 2 day earlier on his own in our Restaurant close to Parcul Carol in Strada Candiano Popescu.

Pulled Pork Burger

The food of choice was our spicy pig burger, with Bacon and homemade Habanero Sauce on Top. We are quite sure this sauce is the spiciest sauce you can get in any restaurant in Bucharest. The full review, including discussion of the people how fries should be prepared (we use only handcut fries) you find here

Check out his Bucharest Blog

We recommend to visit NWradus blog, beside food he writes very interesting posts about, Travel, Technology and more. You find his homepage here

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