Utopia Balcania tests Kapsalon


Last week we had visit from Sergiu Vasile, the mastermind behind Utopia Balcania. He normally don’t cares to visit a new Street Food place, but our Kapsalon dish catched his attention.

Most people haven’t heard about Kapsalon before. It is a dish that is new to Romania and its Street Food culture. Its origin is in the Netherlands where a Hairdresser in Rotterdam ordered in his favorite Shaorma place always a layer for fries, Kebab meat and cheese. After baking it shortly it gets topped with greens and Sauce and is ready to eat out of the bowl.

We were more then happy to show Sergiu the PikaKlara version of the Kapsalon. We use for it Handcut fries, our juicy Pulled Pork and Cascaval on top. After that we add baby spinach and rocket salad and put Garlic sauce on top.

We are very happy that he liked it and even more happy that he was still able to write his review after trying also our extra spicy Pikasauce that is mainly made from Habanero Chillies. Later on we shared a so called Helmet Burger. A burger that is hollow inside to fit more Pulled Pork, more cheese and all the other tasty stuff that makes a burger perfect. We flushed the food with some cold beers and a shot of fresh pressed orange juice.

Sergiu and Stefan from PikaKlara spent around 1 hour together to talk about the story behind PikaKlara and how a German ended up in Romania starting a Casual Fast brand.

His test of PikaKlara is online now, and its super entertaining written and easy to read.  We are very proud to score with 5/5 in the Quality of the food and 5/5 points for the service. You can find the entire article here. Dont miss out to follow Utopia Balcania on Facebook, you will find a lot of interesting reads and cartoons.

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